Advising, Coaching, and Guidance

Let’s face it: To navigate academia well, you need to know the unwritten rules, the tacit knowledge that faculty often assume is obvious.

It’s not.

This can be a major problem during writing-heavy periods, such as the dissertation and the pre-tenure years, when new faculty need to publish for tenure portfolios. In addition, advisors have their own strong suits . . . and writing might not be one of them. An advisor might be the sole expert in a field or an academic rockstar—might have connections you need or go to bat for you when it matters—and still not be able to guide you through the process of writing a dissertation.

I can help you to get out of a rut, to improve or speed up your writing process, to strategize about how to write while teaching a 5/5 load, and perhaps to suffer just a little bit less. I can also help you with developmental editing. Whatever writing challenges you face, contact me. The weight of navigating an academic writing career is much lighter with the right guidance.