Resumés, Cover Letters, and College Essays

It’s hard to write about yourself. Resumés, cover letters, and college essays call on you to do just that—in strange formats and with high stakes.

I can work with you on any and all of these documents. For resumés and cover letters, I can draft, revise, and finalize them with your input. For college essays, I can guide you or your child through the process.

My resumé clients often tell me that recruiters and interviewers remark on their resumés and ask to retain a copy for their own use. In writing them, I use rhetorical skills of persuasion, word choice, and economy of expression, combined with a synthesis of different approaches to career development.

I employ similar skills in guiding college applicants through writing application essays: we spend the bulk of our time on brainstorming material about who they are and what makes them a strong, unique applicant, then focus on crafting that message persuasively.

A portion of my fee for resumé, cover letter, and college application work goes toward offering these services to those in need on a volunteer or sliding-scale basis.